360-degree education: this is CIS
Since 1981, CIS (The College for International Studies) has been recognized internationally for the solid educational foundation it provides to its students during some of the most formative years of their lives, as well as for greatly contributing to their success after their time at the school. Many CIS alumni have reached important positions in their own careers and are now working in a great variety of national, and multinational environments. Read more
Study Abroad in Madrid
International undergraduate students may study in Madrid for a semester, a year, a summer term, or even for up to two years of their bachelor's degree. We provide academic bilingual programs for students from select colleges and American universities. The College for International Studies in Madrid, operates under the academic auspices of EndicottCollege, Beverly (MA) – U.S.A. Students successfully completing courses at CIS receive official transcripts from Endicott College. Read more
American MBA
The College For International Studies, in collaboration with Endicott College in Massachusetts, invites you to consider a US accredited, MBA Program being offered in Madrid. The Program includes full-time internships and is aimed at early career professionals with completion in approximately 16 months. Part-time or Full-time, as you prefer. Read more
An opportunity to study what you love
Know yourself, know the world. CIS gives you the opportunity to decide where you want to go when you finish up to two full years of your bachelor's degree in Madrid, and finish at an American school anywhere in the world. Graduate having studied on your own terms. The flexibility of courses at CIS, coupled with the academic excellence that defines us helps you realize your goals and prepares you for a fully-globalized future. Read more

Message from the President

The College for International Studies
Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about CIS, The College for International Studies. Students from all over the world share an exciting multicultural and multilingual atmosphere at our school.

Together, our students establish a network of social relationships that will be of fundamental importance in their futures, while finding friendly and professional support that helps them to acquire knowledge through their studies. Those enrolled in our institution are given the opportunity to assume greater responsibility in life, and greater autonomy — which will ultimately enable them to act as leaders in a changing world that is constantly becoming more international and multicultural. We are more interconnected than ever before, and there is no turning back.

I would like to invite all potential students, and everyone else with interest in CIS to a personal exchange either here at our Madrid campus, or via video conferencing in order to supply additional information about the various degree programs offered at our school.

María Díaz de la Cebosa, President

AENORECIS (European Council of International Schools)UN Global Compact

Student Life

The University Housing Department is responsible for searching for and monitoring our international as well as Spanish students’ accommodations. CIS is located in a pleasant area of Madrid, in the elegant Salamanca district. Our campus is centrally located with easy access to excellent and modern public transportation. The school provides students with extracurricular activities. Cultural excursions as well as sports are available during the academic year (attendance at film screenings, theater, soccer games, paddle, which is a sport similar to tennis that is typically not played in the US in spite of being very fun, ski trips, exhibitions, charity events, etc …) Read more

Coaching Institute of Spain

“Better People for a Better World”

The Coaching Institute of Spain provides students with the guidance, structure, and feedback they need to be more successful in school and in life. Each student is assigned to a coach, who helps the student stay focused on priorities and achieve his or her full potential.

In weekly meetings, the student works together with his or her coach to identify the student’s goals, create action plans to help the student achieve them, track the student’s progression toward his or her goals, and keep the student motivated.

Each week, students and coaches also review the student’s progress, ensuring the student keeps moving forward on the pathway to success.

Llega el final de Curso

El viernes 27 celebramos nuestra 5º Graduación de CIS en los jardines de la Hípica del Club de Campo. Fue una tarde brillante para todos, pues el acto académico fue muy completo, contando con invitados como D. Ángel Moreno, Teniente Coronel, quien comparó la disciplina, trabajo en equipo y dedicación del ejercito a cualquier otra rama de la Educación. “ Vuestra formación os avala para el resto de vuestra trayectoria  decía el Teniente Coronel, quien conoce muy bien nuestra institución.

Escuchamos las palabras de Gonzalo Mestre, alumno que representaba a la promoción que se graduaba,  quien daba ánimos para el futuro y se despedía de sus compañeros, pues no todos tomarán el mismo rumbo. Gracias a la intervención de Jorge Juárez, nuestros alumnos pudieron ver como un exalumno ha conseguido tener su propia empresa con proyectos muy interesantes e innovadores gracias a su formación, dedicación y espíritu emprendedor.

También despedimos al profesor Erick Baum, pues se jubila. Toda una institución en CIS y a quien echaremos todos mucho de menos. La promoción de este año ha sido la más fotografiada de los últimos 5 años, se podía palpar el buen ambiente, las risas y la complicidad que había entre ellos. Este año durante el cóctel dimos unos premios sociales, fuera del ámbito académico, tuvimos el mejor deportista, la más simpática, la mejor compañera y el más despistado. Divertidísimo!

Esperamos desde CIS seguir mejorando cada día en nuestras Graduaciones y formando parte de este evento que significa un punto de partida hacia una nueva etapa en la que como siempre estaremos apoyando desde vuestra CASA,  CIS.

Find your way

Travel, look, feel, dream… Walk, think and understand. We offer the possibility to experience, and truly know the Camino de Santiago during the month of May. The timeless excursion lasts 11 days, and goes from Madrid to Roncesvalles.  We are sure to appreciate every artistic, historical, and architectural point of interest on the road, until our arrival in the spiritual capital of Spain, Santiago de Compostela. The course can be done either  to earn credit toward your undergraduate degree, or a great excuse just to get away and travel through one of the most wonderful and inspirational places on the planet. Read more


The International Studies Foundation has established a Scholarship program for students admitted to the CIS – The College for International Studies. The main purpose of the program is to facilitate access to the best United States university education. The scholarships are granted primarily on the basis of academic merit and can be full or partial. Foundation grants are open to students of any nationality. Read more

American MBA

The College For International Studies, in collaboration with Endicott College in Massachusetts, invites you to consider a US accredited, MBA Program being offered in Madrid. The Program includes full-time internships and it is aimed at early career professionals with completion in approximately 16 months. Part-time or Full-time, as you prefer. Read more

Study Abroad in Madrid

We offer academic programs for bilingual students from select colleges and universities. Our students are automatically granted U.S. government loans through Endicott College, and we possess the necessary academic accreditation. Read more

Our Commitments

CIS is a University committed to social action to promote education and social welfare all around the world. Read more


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